Dana Kahan In the Studio

“I love how one piece of art can transform a space. It says so much about a person. Each painting I do has my personality in it and when someone associates with that – you’ve made a connection with them.”


Just like my personality (not sure if good or bad) - my work tends to come from different places on different days. I can be calm and serene one day and then the next day my work is explosive and vibrant. I like this mostly because I don't grow tired of my work.


I usually start out with a color scheme. I see certain colors together and then from there I experiment with adding color that may not neccessarily pair well but when it goes on the canvas - the outcome is unexpected, in a good way. These days I'm getting ideas for colors from my daughter. She's not inhibited in any way. She doesn't have the last two decades of  “matchy matchy” ingrained in her. She just pulls the next crayon out of her 64 piece Crayola Box and goes with it. These days you can mix and match. Put contemporary or modern work in a room full of antiques. The sky's the limit.

Acrylics are amazing because of their versatility. Because they dry fast - it allows me to finish my thoughts quickly and also to change directions and still keep painting. My drawings are very graphic and gestural in nature and is accentuated using my technique. I literally “squirt” the black acrylic paint from a mustard bottle freehand. It's about energy,  motion and a little sense of crazy. - like me.