Dana Headshot Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Dana received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Memphis State University and pursued her interest in Graphic Design. After moving to Nashville, she worked as an Art Director in advertising for 13 years earning many industry awards for her designs. She has recently moved her career to fine arts and is becoming well known in Nashville and the surrounding areas. She also currently corraborates with companies developing new products and designs for the gift industry. Her work is enjoyed and collected by clients from coast to coast. 


Known for her striking technique with gloss black paint, Dana Kahan paints vibrant, abstract backgrounds and then literally squirts gloss acrylic paint (from a mustard bottle) in various interpretations of tangible objects and scenes. The paint dries raised and cracked on top of the backgrounds adding texture and dimension. Whether the subject is a flower, a chandelier or a carousel, her work is expressive and colorful. Sometimes she works on a series but sometimes she just explores. She also loves doing commissions where her clients give some of the best ideas. “It makes them feel very connected to the finished piece.” 




The Studio Gallery - Grayton Beach, Florida

• Gallery 202 - Franklin, TN - Past Exhibitor


• The Lipman Group Sotheby's International Artist Series - Solo Show • Nashville, TN 
• Trinity School “Spotlight on Art”- Group Show• Atlanta GA
• Webb School “ArtXtravaganza”- Group Show• Knoxville TN
• St George's Fine Art Show - Group Show • Memphis TN
• St Matthew's Art for Inspiration - Group Show • Franklin TN 
• Belmont Community Art Show - Group Show • Nashville TN
• Art Fusion - Group Show • Franklin TN 
• Gallery 202 - Solo Show • Franklin TN,  
• ArtXtravaganza 2011 Group Show, Knoxvill, TN

• Old Town Theatre Solo Show, Brentwood TN 
• Share The Spirit Art Sale • Brentwood  TN
• Fine Art In Brentwood TN

• Hillsboro Art Walk Featured Artist, Retropolitan • Nashville TN
• Art Effects • Columbia TN
• Art Show at David Lipscomb • Nashville TN


Alecia Moore (PINK) - Los Angeles

• Miley Cyrus - Los Angeles
• Mr. & Mrs. Barry Trotz - Nashville
• Kat & Michael Roos - Nashville
• Demetria Kalodimos - Nashville
• Sarah Cannon Cancer Foundation - Nashville

• Mr. and Mrs. Jim Simon - San Francisco